Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The End

Yep. That's about it. If you want further triplet news, Ashlee's blog is the place for you. If you want more news of me... well, I'll be starting up a new blog soon (I'll edit in the link when I have it), but I can't guarantee that I'll post any more regularly there than I have here.

So we meet the end of this blog. It's been fun for me to write. I hope it's been fun for you to look at.

EDIT: That new blog link is right here.

I Leave you with Cuteness

Abby and Mia: Yay pillow!

Charlie: Silly sisters.

Jared and Ashlee

I got to know these two goofballs a lot better in my six months with them. I shall miss them very much too.


I miss these girls already. I can hardly wait til my next visit.


Mia Bia

Six Months ago:


Six months ago, Mia was just starting to crawl. Now, she walks and runs and dances, she knows several signs and is the first to begin saying words other than Mama and Dada. She likes to comb her sisters' hair with the shark finger puppet, and prefers being in the midst of her sisters than off by herself.



Six months ago:


When I first arrived, Abby was just getting the hang of crawling, and could concentrate like no other on movies and books. Now she walks, runs, hides under the jumper when Daddy plays "Get 'em", can sign as many signs as her movies show and loves to sit with a book and flip the pages. She's gonna be a bookworm like her Aunt, just wait.



Six months ago:


My sweet Charlotte. The mischievous angel. When I first came to help Jared and Ashlee, she was leading the pack in crawling. Now she walks, runs, walks backward, plays fetch, signs about a dozen different words, gives her sisters hugs, and is in all ways adorable and smart.